Ready to travel to Kazakhstan?

Are you sure? Have you double checked your must-do list before you travel to Kazakhstan? Just in case, do have a quick look at the list below, so that you don't miss anything.

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. Aldous Huxley

List of 10 must-dos before you travel to Kazakhstan

1. Know where Kazakhstan is, don't you?

2. Know what is where on the Kazakhstan map?

3. What about the time difference between Kazakhstan and your location?

4. Currency? Have you checked what your money's worth in Kazakhstan money?

5. Have you got a bit of cash with you to start you off? Don't worry if it's too late, as there are ATMs in the airports if you are stuck.

6. Oh, did you check the weather? Are you ready for it? You don't want to go shopping first thing you arrive, I can assure you.

7. Itinerary in place? Flight booked? Train ticket bought?

8. Where do you stay? Have you found your hotel in Kazakhstan yet?

9. Now, before we jump to anything else, have you got your passport with a valid Kazakhstan visa?

10. Have you checked if there is a diplomatic mission of your country in Kazakhstan and what their contact numbers are, just in case.

Important Kazakhstan Travel Tip for YOUR First and Next arrivals

  • I highly recommend to arrange an airport pickup at your arrival if you a taking a light to Kazakhstan. Whereever you are coming from, I am sure it is going to be quite a long journey.

So when you arrive you'll be exhausted and weak, I normally am anyway. You also have to go through customs and passport control, then collect your luggage. You loose all common sense stuff when you are tired. Wouldn't it be a relief when you see someone on the other side of the barrier waiting for you to get you to a place you are staying at safe and secure.

There are certainly buses during the day and taxis 24 hours, but trust me and arrange a pickup at arrival. Majority of hotels have airport pickup services for additional cost, sometimes included in the price. Please use it.

Some companies even arrange VIP services as well. That means you don't have to do anything when you arrive, you just wait for a very short period of time and have some refreshments. All your papers will be sorted out for you. I know that the Almaty airport has these services as well. Please check VIP services at the Almaty Airport on their official website.

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