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Kazakhstan is a long haul to just jump on a flight and go. Especially, if you find out that you forgot the most important thing to arrange before your flight. You need to plan your travel carefully, so that it has to tick all the boxes.

That's when this Online Free Trip Planner comes handy. I tried to put myself in your shoes and virtually planned my trip to Kazakhstan. Step by step. Here's the outcome, if I were you.

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Why Travel to Kazakhstan?

So what's the big deal about Kazakhstan and why should I travel there?

I bet you've watched Borat and read lots of things about Kazakhstan online and off. And you found out that Borat hasn't actually been in Kazakhstan, and that he cheated.

I would say better to see once, than to hear a hundred times. Then I would say that's it I am off to Kazakhstan!!! ;)

Step by Step free trip planner

Step 1. How on earth am I going to get to Kazakhstan?

Step 2. Do I need a visa? If yes, then what type of visa I need to get?

Step 3. Where do I apply for a visa?

  • Noone, but the Kazakhstan Consulate, in the country you are in, can answer all your Kazakhstan Visa questions correctly. Don't waist your time online trying to discuss the fastest or cheapest ways of getting a Kazakhstan Visa. I am not saying that you'll not get a good answer. I am just worried, you might get an out-of-date reply or no reply.

Step 4. Which airline is the best?

  • Time to check cheap flights to Almaty. My personal air travel tip to you is to buy your airticket via the carriers themselves, as their prices would be the best and in case of extraordinary situations you know where they are and whom to contact. Just my 2 cents.

Step 5. Do I need Travel Insurance?

Step 6. Where am I going to stay?

Note: Some hotels have free airport pickup service, do check this. Print out all the details of the hotel or any other place you are staying, as well as the name of the person meeting you at the other end with his/her contact mobile number.

Step 7. Now I am on my way to Kazakhstan. Now what?

  • Before landing you'll be given Migration Card forms to fill in by the airline stuff. You'll get it back stamped when you are passing throught the passport control. Keep it safe, as you need it when leaving.

Important: If you haven't got one for some reason, then you need to visit the local police within 5 days to get registered and get the Migration Card.

Don't forget Your common sense home. Always keep alert until you reach your Hotel. ;)

Step 8. Now, you've checked in your hotel. Remember to check if you are registered with the OVIR (police migration card). All done?

Now relax. It's time to rock-n-roll.;)

Step 9. Was this Free Trip Planner helpful? Did you have a good journey? You did?! Great!!! Would you like to share Your travel experience?

My readers and I would love to know Your Kazakhstan Story. Ready?

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