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Kazakhstan National Flag

The present Kazakhstan flag is the result of hard and creative work of Shaken Niyazbekov.
The flag means … read further

Kazakhstan National Emblem

Kazakhstan National Anthem

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Kazakhstan Map

Find out the answer to one of the frequently asked questions: Where is Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan Area

It is the ninth-largest as well as the largest landlocked country in the world. Its area is five times the size of France.

2 724 900 km² (1,052,090 mi²)

  • Kazakhstan Capital – Astana
  • Akmola, Akmolinsk and Tselinograd are the former names of Astana. Only over 10 years ago Astana became the capital of Kazakhstan.

    Courtesy of Malene Hein

    Kazakhstan Language

    Over 100 different nationalities living in Kazakhstan, as well as their mother tongue, can speak one or both of these languages

    Kazakh, State Language

    Russian, Official Language

    Kazakhstan Currency – Tenge

    Check what your money's worth in Kazakhstan tenge

    Kazakhstan Tenge Symbol

    Kazakhstan Internet Domain



    Kazakhstan Country Code


    Kazakhstan Time Zones

    Follow this link for the current time in Kazakhstan

    West / East
    (UTC+5 / +6)

    Kazakhstan Population

    16 911 911 (est.2013)

    Kazakhstan Climate Zones

    The first thing people ask me when they hear about Kazakhstan: Is it cold out there in winter?

    • Forest
    • Steppe
    • Semi-Desert
    • Desert
    • Mountain Area

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