Hmm... Interested in Kazakhstan weather forecast?

Right. Kazakhstan weather is a must-check if you are planning a trip there.

Nothing's worse than carrying extra luggage with clothing not suitable for the weather. You might end up spending your valuable time shopping, instead of enjoying the weather outside. It's different if you live there and you know where to shop. Well, you know that, don't you?

The Mother Nature can be unpredictable, you know, at times. Especially when it comes to the climate in Kazakhstan.

Check the weather for major Kazakhstan cities. Remember the weather forecast is not responsible for its execution. Sorry about that.

Note: Due to technical issues this map doesn't show the northest part of Kazakhstan. However, that's not a big issue. Please click over the map and drag it a bit down and you'll see Petropavl area too.

Almaty Weather?

When someone is looking for the weather in Kazakhstan on the internet, I assume this person knows little about Kazakhstan and where Kazakhstan is. Otherwise he/she would be searching for a certain area, a place or a city in Kazakhstan. Why?

Because it is a country five times the size of France. You know how the weather conditions in different areas of France vary a lot.

So my first guess is that the person is looking for the weather in Almaty. Why? Because that's where most travelers arrive.

Kazakhstan Weather Astana, Almaty, Atyrau

I give you the current weather for three most popular Kazakhstan cities. Do you feel the difference? Well, I do.

Click for Astana, Kazakhstan ForecastClick for Almaty, Kazakhstan ForecastClick for Atyrau, Kazakhstan Forecast

Why them? Only because most visitors arrive in one of these international airports and because there is a huge distance between them. That's all.

Weather Today in the the South

Click for Zhambyl, Kazakhstan ForecastClick for Shymkent, Kazakhstan ForecastClick for Turkestan, Kazakhstan Forecast

Weather Averages in the West, the North, the East

Click for Uralsk, Kazakhstan ForecastClick for Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan ForecastClick for Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan Forecast

The current weather in other Kazakhstan cities

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