Is Hotel Kazakhstan the best in Kazakhstan?

If you asked me years ago for the best Kazakhstan hotel, my answer would be the Hotel Kazakhstan. It sounds weird, but there is a hotel called Kazakhstan in Almaty. Almaty used to be the capital of Kazakhstan when it was built in 1970s.

And 99% of various events used to take place in this beautiful and green city.

And out of all Almaty hotels this hotel would be the first choice of the city's visitors.

First, the hotel is situated right in the heart of the city with most events taking place in and around this area.

Secondly, it was the highest building in the city with the restaurant on the top floor.

Thirdly, the most earthquake-proof building in Almaty.

"The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it." Author Unknown

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Kazakhstan Hotel

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and Hotel Kazakhstan

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What's different now?

Since then the times have changed, even the governments have, so surely the lifestyle have changed as well. And you know what? The prices. Things are not getting cheaper.

When I first heard how much a presidential suite costs in a 5 star hotel in Almaty, I couldn't believe it. How can someone spend that much money for one night's sleep, and yet breakfast was not included? What? How much does a piece of bread and a cup of tea cost? OK say, that you also get an egg and a piece of bacon? But, anyway. That the way the world is now everywhere.

Some of Kazakhstan luxury hotels

Holiday_Inn Hyatt_Regency Intercontinental Radisson Rixos

Slowly you do get used to the prices like 4 000 USD for a presidential suite. Although it doesn't sound right, does it? Never mind. C'est la vie.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, now we have all sorts of hotels in Kazakhstan, appearing if not one every month or so, then one a year for sure. That's only the hotels in Almaty. And I would explain that with the upcoming Asian winter games.

At least there will be no shortage of space for the guests of both Almaty and Astana hotels.

There are other options for accommodations in Kazakhstan than luxury hotels. You can have mid-price hotels, budget hotels, apartment rentals and some B&Bs.

The majority of the Kazakhstan visitors choose Almaty as a starting point for their Silk Route or Central asia travels to follow the legendary Marco Polo's path. If you are one of them you might want to check the Almaty hotels page.

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