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Indian Culture and Culinary Week 
Learn about Indian culture and culinary in Kazakhstan. If you are (a resident or a guest) in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, this week (25.01.13-02.02.13) …

Model NATO Youth Summit – a step towards the future 
Created by a team of young ambitious people for young students who want to make a difference in our future, Model NATO Youth Summit (MoNYS) will be the …

Common Visa for Traveling to Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan 
Telegraf.by 28.12.10 Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will provide a common visa for foreigners in 2011, comparable to the one of the Schengen states, thus …

Borat has got a brother in Kazakhstan? 
Just wanted to share this article from BBC UK. It's about a new film shot by Erik Rakishev as a reply to Sasha Cohen's "Cultural Learnings of America for …

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