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This page of Kazakhstan pictures is made specially for YOU, if you only associate Kazakhstan with vast open spaces and a space launch site sticking out in the center. And also, if you know very little about Kazakhstan and that's thanks to Sasha Kohen, who still pretends to be Borat and who is totally lost in geography.

I don't blame him, as it could be his educational background that let him down, but anyway. This page is not about him.

And I don't blame you if you don't know anything about Kazakhstan, as until recently there wasn't much information online to give an overall idea of what Kazakhstan is like.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Author Unknown

Kazakhstan images from other online sources

Below are some thematic pictures of Kazakhstan that will help you have a general picture of Kazakhstan. I will be adding more of these images as I go.

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Astana Square Aerial View over Almaty
Astana Square, Image taken by Malene Hein

Aerial View over Almaty
The Big Almaty Lake Kazakhstan Petroglyphs
The Big Almaty Lake, 2511 meters (8238 ft)
above the sea level.

Photo taken by Malene Hein

Petroglyphs in Kazakhstan,
image taken by Jonas Satkauskas
Baikonur Space Launch Site Kazakh Traditional Game - Catch the girl
Baikonur Space Launch Site,
image - courtesy of

KazakhstanTraditions - "Catch the Girl"
Kazakhstan Food - Shelpek Kazakhstan Fauna - Agrionemys_horsfieldii
Kazakhstan Food - Shelpek

Kazakhstan Fauna and Flora - Agrionemys horsfieldii

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Kokaral Dam, aka Dike Kokaral 
Kokaral Dam has been completed in 2005 in order to save the Nothern Aral Sea from further shrinkage. It worked quite well, as there has been a considerable …

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