Travel Guide to Kazakhstan

A Guide To The Real Kazakhstan

Many people who have visited Almaty, a major city of Kazakhstan, always seem to return here. Like a good friend of mine, who first visited it in 1996. Since then he has only missed one year of his annual holidays, which he still regrets about.

So what's the big deal?

What attracts more and more people to this city of apples and this country of vast and open spaces? You will find answers to this and other questions as we surf along together on this virtual journey.

Kazakhstan Discovery

is the best place to uncover all the secrets that Borat kept silent about this glorious nation while "making benefit of his cultural learnings". ;) Why?

As you go along, I'll let you see:

You will be able to:

And so on and on and on....

Now are you sitting comfortably? Are you? Then we'll begin. ;)

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