The Easiest Nauryz Kozhe Recipe

Nauryz Kozhe is the traditional dish specially made during  Nauryz Meiramy.

Kozhe is a traditional cold drink of nomads that helped them in hot days of summer to kill their crave for fluid. Its main ingredients are barley, salt, water, milk and kefir.

And Nauryz kozhe is a richer version of kozhe since you can add more ingredients to make it thicker and filling.

And when ready it resembles of a very thick soup. You can thin it down simply by cutting down on some ingredients.

If you hadn't made it before, then try this recipe as it is very basic and only contains all the must-have ingredients.

So you need at least these 7 main ingredients to classify your dish as Nauriz Kozhe. Ready? Here we go.


1.    500 g - meat (preferably horse meat (the best is kazy, if you can get it where you are) or beef or lamb. You can also mix them.

2.    Water - enough to boil meat to readiness.

3.    1L - Kefir ( if you can get kefir then use natural yogurt mixed with some water or milk)

4.    Salt to taste

5.    50g - Rice

6.    100g - Barley

7.    50g - Noodles/Pasta

How To Cook Nauryz Kozhe

1. Boil your meat products in sufficient amount of water (to cover the meat in the pot) for at least 2-3 hours. Readiness depends on the type of meat. Make sure to skim off foam that builds up when it just starts boiling. That gives you clear stock. When ready take out the meat.

2. Have your barley half cooked by boiling it in salted (reasonably) water while the meat is being cooked. Then when the meat is ready pop it in together with rice.

3. Add the noodles after rice and barley been in stock for 10-15 minutes. Give it 5 more minutes for the noodles to be ready. Best is to use home-made noodles. Some don’t like noodles in soup. So if you are one of them and don’t like it neither then just miss it out.

4. Slice the meat up in smaller chunks and add it back to the pot.

5. Let it all cool down a bit before you add the kefir. And voila. Enjoy your meal. Wait, did I tell you that it's nice cold.

Share Your Own Recipe

Now to the most exciting moment - Do You think you have a better recipe than this one? Then share it. You can do it by following this link to Kazakhstan recipes page.

There are many ways of making real Nauryz Kozhe. If you get the basics right then you can replace ingredients or add other ingredients to your taste and you too can make your own version.

Some people don’t like kozhe when they try for the first time, but then they can get used to the taste.

The richer your dastarkhan (table) is this day the better and abundant the year will be. And remember it is THE holiday when you share what you’ve got with others poor or not and help others who are in need of help.

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