Kazakhstan Money - Kazakhstani Tenge

Kazakhstan money is called Kazakhstani Tenge. It is a relatively new currency on the world market. It has been introduced in 1993 to replace the Soviet Rouble.

Kazakhstan Tenge Exchange Rates

This table is updated automatically to show you the latest exchange rates of Kazakhstani Tenge against some major currencies of the world.

Check what your money is worth in Kazakhstan using an easy CURRENCY CONVERTER here.

Kazakhstan Currency Exchange

Kazakhstan Money

I recommend you do any financial operations like exchanging your cash into local currency in banks.

However, Kazakhstan banks don't operate 24/7, while some currency exchange kiosks do.

There is no shortage of them, especially in big cities. If you see a sign-board similar to this you are at the point of currency exchange.

Although I personally never had a problem exchanging money, I heard some people had. So be very careful. Use your common sense.

It's also handy to get used to how Kazakhstani Banknotes and Coins look like before you get to Kazakhstan.

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