Chimbulak Ski Resort
is in the Top 5 of Almaty Places of Interest

Love skiing? Then You'll Love Shymbulak!

I think that almost every Almaty guest visits Chimbulak Ski Resort (aka Shymbulak) at least once during their stay. Why? It's within an easy access from downtown Almaty. It takes less than an hour to get there from the city center. The air is crystal clear and it's simply beautiful up there!!!

Shymbulak offers the ideal surface, height and the snow texture to get the ski speed up for down the hills. ;) See the map of Shymbulak Plateau here.

Renovation in Process.
Cement mix being delivered to the building site.
By Malene Hein


Grand renovation project's been carried out to meet international requirements to host the 7th Asian Winter Games on January 30 to February 6 2011.

is to be within the Top 10 Largest Ski Resorts in the world by 2015.

It is going to have further development, as Almaty considers to bid for 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Fingers crossed.

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Where is Shymbulak

Chimbulak Ski Resort is situated above Medeo, the world's highest skating rink. So if you don't have much time in Almaty, you can kill two birds in one go, as anyway you have to pass Medeo on your way to Shymbulak. ;)

AKA Shymbulak is within the picturesque gorge Zailiysky Alatau of the Tian Shan mountain range. It is situated 2260 meters (7414 feet) above sea level and it's only 25 km (15.5 mi) from Almaty city center.

The highest point 3163m is the Talgar pass and it takes 20 minutes to reach there by a chairlift.

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Activities in Shymbulak

Doesn't matter summer or winter, you'll always have something to do there:skiing, snowboarding, sledging, making snowmen, horse trekking, hiking, mountain biking, mountain climbing, gathering herbs, watching the world go by;). You name it..., Shymbulak's got it.

Chimbulak Weather

Summer or winter the weather is ideal for a great escape from Almaty.

Although Almaty is not too far from the Ski Resort there is a big difference in temperature. It's not as cold in Shymbulak in winter as it can get in Almaty. And in summer you might need a jumper in June in Chimbulak Ski Resort (+20 C highest), whereas in Almaty (+35 and higher) only 25 km away.

Mostly it's sunny up there, even if it's dull and grey downtown.

Skiing season starts in November and can last right up to May depending on the year.


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