Chimbulak Map

Chimbulak Map - Chimbulak Ski Resort

Chimbulak Map - Chimbulak Ski Resort

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Here are some dry facts about Chimbulak Ski Resort, as well as the map of Chimbulak Plateau with the ski routes.

• The length of the plateau - 3800 (12467 feet) meters;
• Width - 100 to 600 meters (328 - 1968 feet);
• Vertical Descent - 943 m (3094 feet);
• Zone Skating - 2260 - 3163 m (7415-10377);
• The average slope of - 12-28 degrees;
• The maximum slope of the slope - 45 degrees;
• The total area of skating - 99 acres of terrain over 8 pistes with a total length of 15 kilometers (9 miles).


cableway, transport services, hotels, ski school, rental and repair of ski equipment, sports shop, restaurants, bars, open terrace, playground, balloons, entertainment programs and competitions for children, snow park for snowboarding, baby chair lifts.

Chimbulak winter activities: skiing, extreme and alpine skiing, snowboarding, snoublading, sledging (toboganning), professional and amateur competitions in alpine skiing and amateur competitions in snowboarding.

Chimbulak summer activities: horse trekking, mountain biking, trekking, mountain climbing etc.

There are five ski lifts (4 chair lifts, 1 surface lift), which cumulatively reach Talgar pass (3200 meters above the sea level), which makes the highest point of the ski resort. The total length of the lifts is 3620 meters. There are 3 stations of them; the first one is Intersection Station (2260 meters above the sea level) (9 minute trip), then 20th Prop Station (2630 meters above the see level) (16.5 minutes) and Talgar pass Station (3200 meters above the see level).

The average air temperature in summer +20 C, in winter-7C. Number of sunny days per year up to 90%. The time of snow cover from November to May.

Nearest airport is the Almaty International Airport.

Almaty is only 25 km away from the piste, making it easy to choose from various types of hotels, cheap to expensive, budget to luxury.

There is also the hotel Chimbulak on the piste as well as one up from the piste called Vorota Tuyuk Su, which is recommended by many skiers and travelers.

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