Tired of looking for a good Almaty map?

I know how you feel. This Almaty map could be the one you were after.

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"I am not going to give you a map, I can only give you a great passion to discover. Then I leave you alone. Then you go on your own." Bhaqwan Shree Rajneesh

Just joking. I will give you the map.

The worst thing when you travel is the lack of directions.

You wish you checked where you were going before you left home, rather than leaving it to the last minute.

That's me. I am sure you are very well organised if you are here.

Almaty Printable Map

almaty map streets

Click over the map to see it in a larger scale and to print. Remember whereabouts you stay on the map.

Printable Map of Almaty Downtown

kazakhstan almaty map

Click over the map to see it in a larger scale and to print. Remember whereabouts you stay on the map.

Almaty Online Map

Anyway, to give you a general idea of what is where in Almaty, here is the Almaty online map with an alphabetical listing of some places of interest. Would you like to give it a go? Yes?

Then I recommend you look at it in a large scale by clicking on the link under the map.

Click here to see this Map with the alphabetical listing of some places of interest.

Click on the icons and the places in Almaty in that spot will pop up, including a link back to this web site.

All you need to do to go round the city is use the arrows to move up, down, left and right (or grab the screen and pull in any direction).

If you would like to have a close up look into the area just use the + and - to zoom in and out.

Three Almaty Maps in One Google Map. How?

Well. The "Map" button lets you see the city in a street view. That's one.

The "Satellite" button shows you satellite images of the city. That is two.

Lastly, "Terrain" gives a rendering of the terrain that covers Almaty, so that you can see it is surrounded by the mountains from three sides. Now that makes three.

Still prefer the ones you get locally?

I agree with you. Nothing can beat, the maps you get locally in the book shops or kiosk. Who would know a place better than the locals?

Yup. The locals. These maps are very practical, as when you finished with them, they still make wonderful souvenirs.

By the way, in case if you want a clean map of Almaty with no placemarks and icons, then you can get it here.

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