OSCE 2010 Summit in Astana, 1-2 December 2010

by Your Webmaster

Astana Night View OSCE 2010, <br>Credit to OSCE/Vladimir Trofimchuk

Astana Night View OSCE 2010,
Credit to OSCE/Vladimir Trofimchuk

56 OSCE States and 12 Partner countries are to participate in OSCE 2010 Summit in Astana, 1-2 Decmber 2010. It is to be held in the Palace of Independence.

It is going to be the the first ever OSCE Summit to be held in Central Asia.

For more information visit the OSCE Summit website, available in all six official OSCE languages: summit2010.osce.org.

Source: OSCE website @: http://www.osce.org/item/47958.html

Just wanted to share these photos from the OSCE website as well.

1. Astana night view, OSCE/Vladimir Trofimchuk.
2. Palace of Peace and Accord, OSCE/Jonathan Perfect
3. Kokaral Dam, Aiman Smagulova
4. Plane landing in Almaty, Frane Maroevic

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