Gorky Park of Almaty

You are in Almaty and stuck in an apartment, instead would like to have some good walk. Gorky Park, now called Almaty Central Park is a very popular recreational area among people living in Almaty and its guests.

Entrance to the Gorky Park

The entrance to the Almaty Park is in the centerish bit of the city, quite close to the famous Zelyoniy Bazaar, Otrar Hotel, Panfilov Park.

If you can't get a direct public transport to the Park, you can at least get near there and walk the rest.

A Short Background to the Central Park

The Gorky Park on Almaty Map

This park was founded in 1856, as a "Kazyenniy Sad" (meaning "Government (Official) Garden" in Russian), as a nursery for fruit and decorative plants, vegetables.

Later, with the foundation of Verniy, the nursery became the place of leisure for locals. Entry charge was introduced as more and more entertainment areas were created.

In 1935 it was named after Maxim Gorky, a Russian/Soviet author.

Although it was renamed Almaty Central Park in 1990s, many locals still automatically call it Gorky Park or Park Gorkogo.

The Park covers about 100 ha of land with beatifully planted flower beds in summer, lots of trees and bushes to hide from heat and city noise.

Things to do

AquaPark within the Gorky Park

The Park is especially good for kids. There are fairground attractions, as well as horse, camel and donkey rides.

Is it too hot to walk? Have a quick plunge or spend a whole day with your kids emjoying water rides.

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Entrance to the Almaty Zoo

Would you like to see some rare species of Kazakhstan Fauna? Almaty Zoo is just across the road from the Central Park.

Cinema Theatre Inside Almaty Central Park

Fancy a film in Russian or Kazakh? There is a cinema theatre called "Rodina" (meaning "Motherland" in Russian) on the territory of the Park.

Getting There

Depending on where you are in Almaty you can either walk or take a  the following buses directly to the Park 65, 94 and 166 or trolley buses: 1 and 12.

See the Google Map below to see where exactly the Park is situated.

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